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Hiwire Technology has been a security expert for years. We guarantee you the proper installation of whole-home automation systems. The security systems will keep you safe from intruders, burglars, fire & water damage and provide a complete view of both the exterior and interior of your property. With full protection at your fingertips, we can ensure you get the automation systems that allow you to control the entire security system through a control panel or mobile app. With our amassed experience and technologically advanced equipment, you get the best high-quality repair & installation services.

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Hiwire Technology

The founders of this company’s core values are to give high quality, high satisfaction customer services. We can perform the installation and repair of all your electronic systems, security systems, and computer systems. We like to see our customers comfortably satisfied, with a sense of safety that your private space is yours only. Our hi-tech anti-theft systems installation will guard you against any intruders 24/7.

Services we offer

Installation & repair of all the control systems, electronic systems, computer systems, security systems and camera systems. We can service the following and more:

Our Vision

Our company’s founders had a goal in mind to provide a reliable sense of security to the community we serve. Professionalism, dependability, satisfaction, and providing quality equipment are our core values. We have a highly trained and professionally experienced team of competent engineers, technicians, and surveillance. The reason why we are successful is that we deliver what we promise. That is why our customers are always happy, satisfied, and safe.


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Protected by trusted leaders of smart home security.

Security is a serious concern for many people. And it should be. With our advanced solutions and hi-tech equipment, you don’t have to worry anymore ‘cos we provide guaranteed protection.


We Provide Leading Security Systems

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We offer quick and efficient services.

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Our network hardware technicians are trained and certified.

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We have a long experience in the industry and can offer.

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